Boot Guard Leather Treatment

Boot Guard® restores, protects and waterproofs all leathers with pure beeswax, pure lanolin, and oils that condition and preserve leather. Boot Guard® helps prevent drying, cracking, stitching damage, de-lamination and salt stains. Boot Guard® is safe to apply by hand and is the perfect choice to protect leather from the stresses of heat, sun, cold and moisture through all seasons. Great for cowboy boots, work boots, athletic shoes, riding boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, saddles and tack, leather purses and wallets, briefcases, belts and leather accessories.


Works great on Jackets, Handbags, and Gloves


Now you can protect that new leather handbag from moisture damage by applying Boot Guard.  That old favorite handbag with the worn spots on the bottom or leather strap can be revitalized with Boot Guard!  Leather jackets and Coats can be revived and protected from moisture with Boot Guard. That leather wallet that fits perfectly in your back pocket can be preserved and revitalized with a little Boot Guard rubbed in. Got Gloves??  Work Gloves, driving gloves, gardening gloves, bee gloves, construction gloves…any leather gloves can be protected or revitalized with Boot Guard.


Available in a convenient, wide mouth, 5 oz jar with attractive labeling.