Dryer Testimonials


I kept one exclusively outside for 4 years, hanging on an outside wall…


I was asked by a groomer from Alaska what dryer to buy. Without hesitation I told her about the Double K Challengair 2000.


If I could only have one dryer in my shop, it would be the Double K Challengair 2000. I have one dryer at each tub to blow out water from the coat, one at each drying table, and one in our travel trailer to have at the dog shows. I kept one exclusively outside for 4 years, hanging on an outside wall, for blowing out BIG dogs outdoors. Through temperatures of well over 100 degrees and down below the 20’s, it has never failed. That’s one sturdy little dryer.


Mary Pyle
It’s Reigning Cats & Dogs, Salt Lake City, UT


Nothing dries a wet German Shepherd faster than this new AirMax™.


I am writing a short note to thank you for outdoing yourself with your new Airmax Dryer. I have been using Double K dryers for well over a decade now (all are still working fine), and I feel privileged to be loyal to a company whose product line increases in durability and quality while maintaining a low price. You must know how rare that is in today’s make-a-quick-buck economy.


The new AirMax dryer has everything a professional groomer needs in spades. Least important, but not without merit, is the new black color and contoured casing. Wow! The new black color looks sharp, and the new sturdy casing with the new on/off buttons feels rugged. Most important are the quieter and more powerful motors that blow more air than the last AirMax, more hot air that is. And in dog grooming, as we all know, lots of hot air is a good thing! This is where the rubber meets the road. Nothing dries a wet German Shepherd, Newfie, or long haired Shih Tzu faster than this new AirMax.


As a professional mobile groomer, alone in a van every day, my equipment must work each and every time at peak performance, no less than I expect and give of myself. Your dryers have always done that, and this new dryer exceeds my expectations, a solid unit producing plenty of warm air no matter how cool the temperature. At the end of the day, my equipment has value only if it gives me the energy to have a life after grooming and performs with the day in and day out dependability to put money in the bank: the new AirMax does that perfectly. Thanks for thinking about us, and for bucking the trend by creating ever and ever better products that make our lifestyles so worthwhile.


Fur Dogs Only Mobile Grooming


The Airmax™ is the ultimate tool to remove sand, dust and debris from the thick coat of a Newfoundland.


My Newfoundland dog has always been suffering from major skin problems due to pollen-allergy. I have tried “everything” and the veterinary costs have been tremendous.


4 months ago I purchased an Airmax dryer and Furst-Aid shampoo. We are now in mid September and I am so happy that my good boy no more needs to use cortisone and he have had his best summer ever! I am convinced that this is only due to the use of Furst-Aid™ every 10-14 days + daily use of the Airmax™ to blow out all pollen and dust from his coat.


Airmax™ is the ultimate tool to remove sand, dust and debris from the thick coat of a Newfoundland. Before we got the Airmax, our floors were filled with sand from the dogs. No more, thanks to the Airmax™.


The purchase of the Airmax™ is the best return on my investment I have ever had!


Hanne Aamodt