2000EV Model Dryer Attachments

Image Part # Description
AirGoNomic Nozzle 2079 1 1/2” AirGoNomic Nozzle Body
AirGoNomic Nozzle Handle 2079‑H Nozzle Handle
Hose Black on Blue 856-6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 Hose 1 1/2” Black on Blue
Air Sweep Nozzle 2079-TAS Airgonomic™ Air Sweep Nozzle Tip
Hi Velocity Nozzle 2079‑THV Airgonomic™ Hi‑Velocity Nozzle Tip
2079-TSHV Airgonomic™ Super Hi‑Velocity Nozzle Tip
894 Hose End Black 1 1/2” Screw-On
Hose-Dryer Adapter 2036 Hose to Dryer 1 1/2” Locking Adapter

Installing nozzle body on dryer hose: Screw the nozzle body onto the hose in counter-clockwise notion. Nozzle body may be used alone, with a handle or with any of the included nozzle tips.

Installing and removing handle: Locate the key at the rear of the nozzle body an position the handle behind the key. Insert the key into the slot on the top of the handle. To remove the handle, slide the handle backwards, away from the nozzle body.

How to remove a nozzle tip: Gently squeeze the nozzle tip while pulling the nozzle tip away from the nozzle body.