2000EV Equine Vacuum & Dryer


Equine Grooming Vacuum and Dryer/ Blower

New Groom Hero Vacuum Grooming Equine Brush System

Grooms, Dries and Cleans effectively, quickly and safely

Leaves coats clean, full and lustrous

Great for all breeds

Also cleans Trailers, Stalls and Equipment, etc.

Attachments included

2 Year Warranty

The CHALLENGAIR® 2000E.V. Equine Grooming Vacuum and Dryer/Blower from Double K is now quieter and has a larger bag to make grooming even easier and more convenient. Special new Groom Hero Brush Kit with Curry Pin and Bristle Brush inserts allow great grooming versatility and vacuum away loose hair, dirt and dust as you brush.

The Groom Hero brush kit is also excellent for general grooming without the vacuum.

The 2000 E.V. can be used to quickly groom and dry horses, cattle and dogs with show ring results! The Challengair® 2000 E.V. has greater effectiveness, vacuum, volume, velocity and versatility with less noise than any product in its category. Features a 124 CFM, twin turbine motor/fan assembly nested in an elastomeric noise and vibration damping mounting system. The redesigned high-impact clamshell housing allows easier access to the motor and components than competitors’ products for brush changes and service. It is also rustproof and dentproof.

Hermetically isolated switches and electronics are protected from contaminants while the dual air inlet filtration system additionally protects components and the motor. Includes 8 versatile attachments. Uses heavy duty disposable vacuum bags.

The CHALLENGAIR® 2000E.V. quickly converts from equine vac to shop vac, auto vac or powerful blower to clean all around your facility, equipment or vehicles. Great for cleaning up around the home as well!

Contact Double K at (800) 821-9449 or use the Distributor Locator link (at the top menu of this page under Distributor/Dealer Locator) to find a distributor near you. Two year limited warranty includes hoses and nozzles. 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee (excludes shipping).