Flyer Images

Product Flyers & Brochures To Print

Color flyers of select Double K Industries products are available for the convenience of on-demand printing.


These flyers are large, high-resolution images that can be sized to 8.5″ x 11″ when printed at 300 dots‑per‑inch (DPI).


Instructions: After clicking on the flyer thumbnail of interest below, a new window will open, into which the full-size flyer image will load. Right‑click the image, choose “Save Image As…” or “Save Picture As…” (depending on the browser you’re using), then save the image to your computer. Load the saved image into an application, such as Microsoft Word®, Adobe Elements® or Adobe Photoshop® and set the image resolution to 300 DPI before printing. Glossy paper provides the best results. For large quantities, please call our office: (800) 821‑9449 or (818) 772-2887.