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Free Groomers Edge™ Posters
With Your Logo on them!

A limited number of FREE Groomers Edge™ color posters, 13″ x 19″ (portrait) or 19″ x 13″ (landscape) of select Double K Industries posters are available for groomers who request them. They are printed on glossy poster paper at high resolution (300 d.p.i.). You may send us your logo as an electronic file to have it included on the poster. Please call us at (818) 772-2887 or (800) 821-9449 to request a poster. You may also email us your request using: We will ship your poster for free as well. Please be sure to include your postal address in your email and the letters under the poster thumbnail you have selected (i.e. SHMPW).


If you would like your logo printed on the poster, please include an electronic file of your company logo, approximately 6 inches wide and 300 dpi as an attachment to your email request.


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